21 June, 2007

Photo clippage #20

The saviours of daytime radio, c. 1993.

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Chris Hughes said...

"See? We're not like Smashy and Nicey! Look, we're wearing suits!"

You can just *tell* this picture was taken in 1993, can't you? Every male contestant on Family Fortunes that year wore a waistcoat like Nicky Campbell's.

Of course, "Wrighty" should really be in pyjamas and nightcap and holding an oversized alarm clock; Emma should be biting into an oversized sandwich (possibly with one of those little flags in it, saying 'contentious issues' on it); Nicky should be wearing a chauffeur's cap and brandishing some furry dice to denote 'Drivetime'; and Goodybags could just hold up a big '2'.