19 December, 2007

The TV Cream Advent Calendar: Door 19

It's guess the ident time (you knew it was coming). Can you match the logo with the correct Christmas? The years to choose from are:

1) 1979
2) 1982
3) 1994
4) 1996






Steve Williams said...

OK,I'll bite. I think A is 1994, B is 1982, C is 1979 and D is 1996. To be honest I'm not sure about the two nineties ones, especially as I never watched BBC2 on Christmas Day. In fact in 1996 I spent Christmas Day watching the most recent series of Men Behaving Badly on video. I was a right idiot in 1996.

I know C's 1979 because of course it's on the Beeb Christmas tape.

Chris Hughes said...

Well, this is a useless competition, isn't it? Who the hell watches BBC2 at Christmas?

Anyway, without peeking at TV Ark, I'll say:

a) 1996
b) 1979
c) 1982
d) 1994

a) and d) are probably the wrong way round, aren't they?

Nigel Fishwick said...

I reckon...


Could be completely wrong though. b) just looks incredibly "BBC Micro" for some reason.

Ian Jones said...

Steve's right. It's a: 1994, b: 1982, c: 1979 and d: 1996.