22 June, 2008

"A couple of tunes by a couple of prongs"

A plug for an album by Adam and Joe, which is available on iTunes from Monday. It's a collection of their ace 'Song Wars' efforts, wherein each comes up with a self-penned, self-performed ode to an emphatically ordinary subject, then plays them to listeners of their 6 Music show for evaluation.

Let's hope the sequel-touting title doesn't follow the precedent set by Listen Without Prejudice Volume 1. Similar sales figures wouldn't be that bad, mind.

"Masterpieces of DIY tunesmithery" - TV Cream, yesterday.


Claire said...

Fantastic. I've already bought this and been listening to it on the way into work this morning.

Mark X said...

I'd not been aware of this until your post, and having just bought it, it's rather splendid. Adam was interviewed on Jonathan Ross' Radio 2 show on Saturday to promote MeeBOX (which was also lovely), but I didn't hear him mention this.

Graham Kibble-White said...

Oh, I thought MeeBOX was rubbish, sadly. Although it's good to see Adam's dad is still alive.

Ian Jones said...

It felt to me like there was something missing from MeeBOX. Or rather, someone.

Steve Williams said...

On their 6Music show on Saturday morning, Adam said that he was told there was officially "no room" for him on Jonathan Ross but, if he hung around the studio for a bit, they might be able to squeeze him in. So I'm glad that happened.

That was actually the first time I'd listened to their 6Music show, and it took me a good half hour to realise that Joe was off sick and Garth Jennings was replacing him because the two sound absolutely identical. Indeed, I had to check Garth Jennings was a real person to ensure it wasn't just Joe.

MeeBOX was a bit patchy but I liked some of it - the re-edited Trooping The Colour and the Don't Make Me A Target video, because I loved the faces Adam pulled in that.

Claire said...

I thought Meebox was good in places and less good in others...I'd quite like to see a series though to see how it might develop.

Also because BBC3 needs more things that aren't Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps or from the Help! My Dog is Fat and it's Killing My Kids genre.