17 July, 2008

Photo clippage: OnDigital special

Now here's a subject fit for blog treatment. Yes, it's 10 years to the month since the press launch of OnDigital.

Here's a dream team of soap-ettes to mark the occasion: Lisa Riley, Holly Newman, Steven Arnold, Michelle Collins and Adele Silva, plus requisite over-sized cut-out lettering.

And here they all are again, holding a television aerial:

Waiting over at Crystal Palace, a few months later, it's Ulkira Jonsson...

...while Jim Rosenthal and Robbie Earle prepare to host coverage of the UEFA Champions League Group D match between Lazio and Chelsea, complete with make-up bag:


DavidS said...

That's Steven Arnold in t'middle. Ashley Peacock (not Peake) is his character name.

Holly Newman, eh? Whatever happened to her? Did the Crossroads/Corrie double, then nowt.

Ian Jones said...

Teach me to just repeat the photo caption verbatim. Thanks David - I've changed it now. My ignorance of Coronation Street is pretty mammoth.

Chris Hughes said...

Man, that was a B-team line-up, even by 1998 standards. Has Holly Newman done anything of note since being the latest Corrie "bombshell" for about five minutes in 1998? Wasn't she Denise Welch's niece or something?

I love the second photo - look, you can get OnDigital even with rubbish outdated technology!

The Jim'n'Robbie pic is ace, though. The one thing I remember about OnDigital's Champions League coverage was that you could email the studio at jim@ondigital.co.uk, which I always thought was nice and friendly. They also put little kit graphics on the scorebox, which was a bit pointless.

Paul McQuillan said...

I still have my OnDigital box! I hope they don't come knocking on my door asking for it back. Many happy evenings watching ancient repeats of Coronation Street or The Sweeney on 'Granada Plus'

Simon Underwood said...

Heh. We have an OD box we now use for freeview and the setup menus still insist it's an ONDigital service.

Come to think of it, I think somewhere we've got the stickers we were sent so we could rebrand it...to ITV Digital.

(Cue sound of old biplane screeching towards the ground at high speed)