14 July, 2008

Selected in advance for their knowledge of popular music

Here's a shamelessly predictable thing - but then, when has this blog been anything else?

A tupperware sandwich box of leftover Simon Mayo Golden Year Points to whoever can identify the songs (and the artist/s) which namecheck the following programme titles:

1) Blue Peter
2) Dallas
3) Man About The House
4) The Generation Game
5) Jeux Sans Frontiers
6) The Archers
7) Top Of The Pops
8) The Seven O'clock News


David Pascoe said...

"Get your kicks watching Bruce on the old Generation Game" - Saint Etienne, You're in a Bad Way.

Matthew Rudd said...

1 - Flag Day by the Housemartins
2 - The Day Before You Came by Abba/Blancmange
3 - nope
4 - You're In A Bad Way by Saint Etienne
5 - Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel (sung by Kate Bush)
6 - nope
7 - Well, you can have the Rezillos of course, or Rat Trap by Boomtown Rats
8 - erm...

John Rivers said...

1. 99% of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd - by Half Man Half Biscuit


3... That's it.

Actually knowing Half Man, those shows probably appear in a fair number.

Pretty sure Top of the Pops gets mentioned in 'Bug Powder Dust' by Bomb the Bass.

Brian Donor said...

7 - TOTP is Rat Trap - Boomtown Rats

Andy R said...

2. Abba - The Day Before You Came
7. The Rezillos - Everybody's on Top of the Pops

Five-Centres said...

1. Brown Sauce/I Wanna Be A Winner
2. Blancmange/The Day Before You Came
4. St Etienne/You're In A Bad Way
5. Peter Gabriel/Games Without Frontiers
7. BA Robertson/Knocked If Off

Ricky Y said...

3 is 'Photo Jenny' by top Caledonian drabsters and twee-merchants Belle & Sebastian, of course.

Ian Jones said...

Any suggestions for 6) and 8) then? I'll concede 8) is a bit of a cheat - it's from an American song.

Five-Centres said...

Is it Dirty Laundry by Don Henley?

Wilko said...

8. Simon & Garfunkel - Silent Night/7 o'Clock News

Ian Jones said...

OK, these were the ones I was thinking of:

1) Blue Peter: Flag Day by The Housemartins
2) Dallas: The Day Before You Came by Abba
3) Man About The House: Photo Jenny by Belle And Sebastian
4) The Generation Game: You're In A Bad Way by St Etienne
5) Jeux Sans Frontiers: Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel
6) The Archers: Life On A Top People's Health Farm by The Style Council
7) Top Of The Pops: Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards by Billy Bragg
8) The Seven O'Clock News: Black Diamond Bay by Bob Dylan
Cheers to everyone who took part.