16 August, 2008

The Johnny Ball photo clippage challenge

He's the man of a thousand faces, every one a different version of open-mouthed, wide-eyed exuber-ism. But what particular historical epihanies are being depicted by those thousand faces in each of the following?

1) "Fear not - *oil* soon get it working again!"

2) "Those who said the world was round used to get carted off. Hence the name: cart-off-graphy!"

3) "Pardon me if I sound a little burnt out; things have been getting on my wick!"

4) "I used to do this for a living, but my business plan went totally to pot!"

1 comment:

CompleteIdiot said...

So Lets see:

1 Printing Press
2 Columbus Discovers America
3 Is something to do with Leonardo Da Vinci (the discovery of badly plotted airport novels?)
4 Josiah Wedgewood makes stuff to put in a glass cabinet (now if only someone would invent the glass cabinet)