01 August, 2008

Photo clippage: Olympics special

1) A dapper David Coleman gives his chequered suit an outing in Mexico, 1968:

2) Olive off of On The Buses turns up at the Churchill Hotel in Portman Square, London, for a luncheon given for television women and Sportswomen of the Olympics Year, 1972:

3) David again, relaxing in the Moscow sunshine, 1980:

4) Ronald Reagan "reacts" (it says here) after scoring against the USA Olympic team goalie Bob Mason during a ceremony at the White House Rose Garden in Washington on 29th September 1983:

5) Finally, a shameless TV tie-in. Does the Flying Horse still exist?

1 comment:

Chris Hughes said...

Of course, that was the extent of ITV's Olympic coverage that year.

Coleman mulling over his "Ovett, eyes like chips of ice" there, maybe?