17 August, 2007

Et la terre...fut

Here's a cheery thing: the scariest opening titles ever shown on television, courtesy of Once Upon A Time...Man.

Perhaps realising the complete destruction of the world was pretty hard for a seven-year-old to take, the programme-makers clearly decided to soften up viewers by battering them with the longest sequence of on-screen co-producer idents in history.


FeedbackReport said...

You haven't even mentioned the scariest thing, which is the inexplicable cameo by an apparently deeply-unconcerned-about-the-fate-of-the-world Barnaby right at the start.

Cindylover1969 said...

Albert Barille did "Colargol" (which is what Barnaby's called when he's at home, i.e. in France), and the bear went on to be the logo for Barille's company Procidis a la Mickey Mouse standing for Disney, the main theme from "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" being the logo music for Morgan Creek etc.