08 August, 2007

Photo clippage: Lynam special

To mark the man's (inevitable) return to football presentation...

1) Des hooks up with Henry Kelly and the actor T.P. McKenna for a St Patrick's Day soiree at Green's Oyster Bar in London, 1986:

2) A few months later, Brendan Foster, Tony Jacklin and Emlyn Hughes join Des at Wimbledon to launch that year's summer of sport on the BBC:

3) Cher and Meatloaf drop in to the Des Lynam Show on Radio 2, 1998:

4) The Sir Peter O'Sullevan Annual Awards lunch, 2001. "So I said to him, I said, 'Boggy! Avast ye with that tinned chicken! And be quick about it!'"

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lump516 said...

Cher looks rather frightened . . .