01 August, 2007

"Nobody's asked me to get physical since 1941"

Aside from "...directed by Sylvester Stallone", this could well be the best Bank Holiday line-up ever. Look out for Terry's little scamper of delight as he nears the front of the stage. And who's that opening his "door" for us right at the end?


Sleazy Martinez said...

Isn't the background music the same tune that runs behind Alan Partridge's Summer Of Sport trailer? I believe it is. And I wonder who constituted "The Carry On Team" at that point.

Ian Jones said...

Kenneth Williams' diaries have the answer:

"Thursday 21st May. Car to Shepherd's Bush for this line-up of British Film Stars. They even produced Stewart Granger! Eventually Wogan brought on Barbara, Bernie, Kenny Connor and me and there was a bit of chat before a finale of montages and clips. It was more interesting in the dressing room. Barbara said 'They think, with all the Carry On repeats, that we are rich' and Kenny said 'I don't disabuse 'em, I even wear gold lame slippers to the Post Office...'"

Ken watched it go out the following Monday and was not impressed: "Saw myself looking old on Wogan. Our bit was cut drastically but loads of crap from crushing bores like John Mills was left intact."