16 May, 2008

31 Days In May: part 15

Match the household junk to the Blue Peter Appeal:

1) Used stamps
2) Pre-decimal coins
3) Silver paper
4) Buttons, buckles and badges
5) Scrap metal

a) The 3Bs Appeal (1974)
b) Guide Dogs For The Blind (1964)
c) Lifeline Lebanon (1976)
d) Lend An Ear (1985)
e) Operation Pipeline (1981)


DavidS said...

Not entirely confident but I'll take a stab at
1c; 2d; 3b; 4a; 5e...

Steve Williams said...

Right, and not even loking at the books...

I'm sure silver paper was one of the first, for guide dogs. The 3Bs is fairly obvious. Pre-decimal coins could be no later than 1976. Then I'm pretty sure Lend An Ear was scrap metal for no other reason than the Key Note Appeal, for the same cause, was scrap metal and so they wouldn't have to change any of the scripts.

So that's 1e, 2c, 3b, 4a, 5d.

Ian Jones said...

Both of you were almost right. The answers are: 1 = c; 2 = e; 3 = b; 4 = a; 5 = d.