21 May, 2008

31 Days In May: part 20

Another literary effort today. Who penned these memoirs?

1) Let's Get Through Wednesday
2) It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time
3) The Harder Path
4) Jacobs' Ladder
5) A Clown Too Many


Andy H said...

Is 1 Raymond Baxter?

Matthew Rudd said...

Presumably #4 is David Jacobs.

Steve Williams said...

No, number one is Reginald Bosanquet, a book that was in Wrexham Library for the entire 24 years I lived in the town, and I never once took it out.

Wednesday's actually our press day at work, and so every week I always say "Let's get through Wednesday" at nine o'clock and nobody ever gets the reference.

Anonymous said...

2 - Michael Grade

Ian Jones said...

1 and 2 you've got; 3, by virtue of being dull, po-faced and pompous, is naturally John Birt; 4 is indeed David Jacobs; 5 is Les Dawson.