19 May, 2008

31 Days In May: part 19

A theme scene today. Which programmes boasted (or in some cases, still boast) these pieces of music as their signature tune?

1) By The Sleepy Lagoon
2) The Good Word
3) An Ordinary Copper
4) Johnny Todd
5) Offside
6) Old Ned
7) Barwick Green
8) With A Song In My Heart


FeedbackReport said...

1) Desert Island Discs
2) Nationwide
3) Dixon Of Dock Green
4) Z-Cars
5) Match Of The Day
6) Steptoe & Son
7) The Archers
8) Family Favourites

Andy F said...

The only one of these I've even vaguely heard of is 'Offside'. Was it Sportsnight?

I'll take a guess that 'An Ordinary Copper' must be Dixon of Dock Green.

steve norgate said...

1) Desert Island Discs?
2) Nationwide!
3) I'm going guess Dixon Of Dock Green
4) Dunno
5) Oooh, I know it! I know it! Errr Match Of The Day?
6) Steptoe & Son?
7) The Archers
8) Dunno.

Ritchardo said...

No 2. Is Z-Cars I think...

8. Last of the Summer Wine?

Ritchardo said...

Schizer! I meant no. 4 is Z-Cars!

Damn my illiteracy!

SimonC said...

1 Desert Island Discs
2 Nationwide
3 Dixon of Dock Green
4 Z Cars
5 dunno
6 Steptoe & Son
7 The Archers
8 Two-Way Family Favourites

Ian Jones said...

I held back from publishing Tim's answers straight away...because he got them all right straight away.