29 May, 2008

31 Days In May: part 29

Three quick questions today:

Who was the first voice to be heard on
a) Radio 1
b) Radio 5
c) Radio 5 Live?


fl3m said...

is b) Jane Garvey?

Matthew Rudd said...

a) Tony Blackburn
b) Hmmm, either Trev or Simon, not sure which
c) Was this Jane Garvey?

Empressburger said...

Was a) not Robin Scott, Radio 1 first controller ?

James said...

I want to say a) Tony Blackburn, but I suspect that's too obvious (just as pub quiz nerds like my dad will gleefully point out that the first track on Radio 1 wasn't 'Flowers in the Rain', but 'Theme One')...

Was b) Bruno Brookes?

RossMc said...

I have a feeling that Radio Five Live might be Johnnie Walker.

Radio One is obviously not Tony Blackburn, unless we're being really pedantic, or the person singing "National Radio Oneeee...." is now really famous.

And if it's not, the question would be, when did 'Radio One' start, and was the 'handover' bit with the head of the channel broadcast on the new 'Radio Two' as well?

Ian Jones said...

I'm saying:
a) was Robin Scott, that bloke who went "standby for switching, Radio 1, Radio 2, go!"
b) was Bruno Bungalow Brookes
c) was Jane Garvey