10 May, 2008

31 Days In May: part 8

What perpetually ill-advised thing is about to happen here?


Steve Williams said...

Er, David Dimbleby's going to take over and ruin it completely and see the show axed and replaced with something even worse?

Chris Hughes said...

I reckon Sue and Hugh are going to "throw open" the show to a team of "junior correspondents" who will be called something like The Nationwide Generation '81. Pictured are a young Fiona Bruce, Jeremy Vine and Claudia Winkleman.

Ian Jones said...

These are indeed the three lucky people chosen "from nearly 5,000 applicants" to present the edition of Nationwide on Friday 17th December 1980. Their names, for the record: Lisa Halligan (aged 10) from Glasgow, Timothy Briggs (11) from Essex and Elizabeth David (age not known) from London.